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Jon Pokela - Marine Artist

Thank you for visiting with me on my Website. You will discover my interest in marine subjects range from gaff rigged sailing vessels to shore scenes, to human story narratives particularly illustrated by solitary figures.

My own journey and interests through life provide substance for much of what you will see. For instance the painting titled 'Young Captain' reflects my young fascination with 'boats'. The gaff rigged sailing vessels pull me back to my youth as I spent wonderful moments sailing with our family on my father's Aitkin designed Twenty-eight footer. The painting 'Steady, She Goes', visits that solitary figure sailing his small boat through a handful on- shore situation. Should his knowledge and skill be admired or has he found himself in a perilous state?

Many of my paintings reflect my admiration for meter boats and their influence on those years, the fifties, sixties and seventies designs. Like most marine painters Iím attracted to the past and present 'J-Boats'.

Work boats, Classics and unique vessels such as the 'Dashew Offshore' vessel, which I was fortunate to receive a painting commission, also hold my interest. Shore side scenes provide a different perspective to marine life. 'Memories of Lincoln Beach' portray my wonderful wife and our Siberian Husky during a reflective moment.

I occasionally write prose which I inject into the title to further awaken the viewers curiosity. The afore mentioned painting 'Young Captainís' title included the additional lines'... the young captain dreams of going to sea... how do I know... that was me.

I hope you've enjoyed your time with my Website and will visit often, you're always welcome.